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Sales information

We believe that using high quality products with great flavours are very important to be able to distinguish yourself from the competition and to satisfy your customers. Consumers are increasingly critical and aware of their food. Food should taste great and be healthy. Ratu Culinair products comply with all requirements of the critical and discerning consumer. Our products are prepared with care and love and made with the very best ingredients without addition of preservatives and colourants.

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Ratu Culinair's products are available at Indonesian and Surinam toko's, Asian supermarkets, butchers and poulterers, deli’s and various wholesalers.

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Sales information

Should you be interested in including Ratu Culinair products in your assortment, you can contact our sales office in Zoetermeer. We will gladly help you select the right products for your customers.

Ratu Culinair BV
Kryptonstraat 62
2718 TD Zoetermeer
Telephone number +31 79 361 40 01


You can also send us an email via the contact page.

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