Thai peanut sauce

New in the Ratu Culinair assortment is the Ratu Culinair Thai peanut sauce, which is based on an authentic family recipe and has been developed by Thai chef Noi, who is an authority on Thai food in the Netherlands. This special peanut sauce is mainly used in combination with Saté Kai, chicken sateh, in Noi's country of birth. To prepare this sauce, not only water is added, but also coconut milk. This makes the Thai peanut sauce creamier than the Indonesian peanut sauces of Ratu Culinair.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Noi and I was born in Lamping in the north of Thailand. I was ten years old when I came to the Netherlands with my mother and sister. I went to school there and soon felt very at home in the Netherlands. But in my heart, I stayed true to Thailand. Eating and drinking is very important in my country of birth. From my mother, who started a takeaway restaurant in Amsterdam, I inherited the passion for the Thai cuisine.

I have studied cooking and preparing food in the Netherlands and in Thailand. Authenticity and fresh and healthy ingredients are most important to me when it comes to cooking. I have studied the culinary history and traditions of Thailand and I carry these out in everything that I do now. Not a week goes by without hosting cooking workshops and demonstrations, during which I show my guests in a simple way how easy, healthy and surprising it can be to prepare great meals with Thai ingredients.

I have prepared the Thai Peanut Sauce for Ratu Culinair based on authentic family recipes, passed down to me through many generations.
I hope you enjoy it!

Cheun thaan hai aroy krap!  

Enjoy your meal!

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tua lisong (ถั่วลิสง/peanuts) 71 %,
nam taan (นำ้ตาล/sugar),
klua- เกลือ (salt),
prik chi fa (พริกชี้ฟ้า, lombok chilli pepper),
prik heng (พริกแห้ง/chilli pepper) ,
hua hom (หัวหอม, onions),
kratiam (กระเทียม/garlic),
nam som sai shu (นำ้ส้มสายชู, vinegar), 
nam man tua luang (นำ้มันถั่วเหลือง/ Sunflower oil).

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