Lotek Sauce

Lotek is the West Javanese variety of gado gado. It is a salad of fresh raw or blanched vegetables, served cold or lukewarm. To many Indonesians, lotek is a complete main course, eaten with rice. Of course, this exotic vegetable salad can also be combine with other dishes. A tasty combination of vegetables for lotek is: white or Chinese cabbage, kangkung (water spinach) or spinach, yardlong beans or string beans and bean sprouts. The vegetables are blanched and then potatoes, cooked and diced, are added. Then, the warm or lukewarm lotek sauce is poured over as a dressing. Due to the addition of various spices, the lotek sauce is spicier than the sauces for gado gado and petjel. Fried onions (preferably shallots) and whole or halved roasted peanuts are sprinkled over the sauce. Garnish the lotek dish with slices of cucumber. Lotek is a favourite dish among vegetarians.

Ratu Culinair's Lotek Sauce is traditionally prepared based on recipes that have been in the family for over a century. Put the contents of the package in a pan along with boiling water and stir into a delicious sauce. For the ideal thickness of the sauce, we recommend 80 ml of water to 100 grams of the basic mixture. Of course, you can add more or less water to adjust the thickness of the sauce.

Ratu Culinair Lotek Sauce is gluten-free.

Ratu Culinair Lotek Sauce will keep for 12 months, if stored cool and dry in sealed package. The basic mixture can also be stored frozen.

kacang tanah (peanuts) 70%,
lomboks and rawits (chilli peppers),
jeruk limo (lime juice),
bawang putih (garlic),
bawang merah (shallot),
spices and Sunflower oil.

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